What We Do

Our drones are unmanned helicopters capable of carrying heavy cargo. Their load capacity is ranging from 7 to 1,150 kg which is extra high among civil unmanned aircraft.

They are resistant to harsh environments and move around with no dependence on roads and runways.

Smart redundant autopilot takes control instead of a human and maneuvers more precisely. It frees a pilot from risk, expands the range of use, and decreases the costs for operation and maintenance.

Products and Services

We develop our own production models of cargo drones. At the current stage, we do it by converting manned helicopters into unmanned aircraft systems. In addition, we accept orders to convert any manned helicopter into an unmanned aircraft.

Unmanned helicopter Combo carries heavy cargo

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Parallel to the heavy-lift drone, our team develops a light versatile UAS with 200 kg load capacity called SAKAVIK.