Unmanned from Manned

сonversion of piloted helicopters to drones
UVR makes it possible to convert any manned helicopter to an unmanned aircraft system. We perform a full-cycle conversion, as a result a customer gets a drone that performs automated flights.
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Main stages of helicopter conversion

Dismantlement of unnecessary onboard equipment from the initial manned helicopter.
Customization and installation of special onboard equipment on the initial helicopter (inertial measurement unit (IMU), satellite navigation system, servo drives, ERS system, control boards, onboard AI computer unit, FPV cameras, data-link modem, etc.).
Integration of the installed onboard equipment with the original onboard systems and elements of the initial helicopter.
Customization of low- and high-level autopilot for the UAS autonomous navigation and control system (providing functions of inertial and satellite navigation, autorotation, ERS management, flight without GPS, etc.).
Customization of additional onboard equipment and payloads (if necessary).
Customization of the control software for the UAS ground control station (GCS).
In-flight testing and adjustment of the UAS as an assembly.
Training courses for UAS operators and technicians.

Conversion process outcomes

Unmanned aircraft system that performs fully automated flights

Ground operations and maintenance processes don't require significant changes

Implemented features and payloads assigned by the customer

A less costly solution if compared to any unmanned aircraft built from scratch

Advantages of unmanned helicopters over manned ones

Fail-safe operation without unforeseen costs
No risk to pilot’s life and health
Crew and insurance cost optimization
Superior pilotage quality unreachable to a pilot
Flights in low visibility conditions (fog, smog, darkness hours)
24/7 operation
Flying in environments with toxic gases or lack of oxygen

Our background in unmanned aircraft

Popular helicopter models available for conversion

Leonardo Helicopters AW139 (Agusta Westland AW139)
Leonardo Helicopters AW189 (AgustaWestland AW189)
Airbus Helicopters H125 (Eurocopter AS350)