light-weight electric helicopter type drone


Multipurpose electric helicopter type UAV ELECTRON 7 is designed to solve a wide range of tasks in various spheres of industry and public service.
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This fully autonomous drone is able to fly without GPS. Relying on the computer vision it can detect and avoid obstacles and identify safe zones for landing. Electric motor with replaceable batteries significantly increases the autonomy of the UAV. Ergonomic design provides the efficiency of missions and easy operation at all stages. Extended flight performance in reduced visibility, fog, rain, snow and in emergency cases (smog, fire, flood, landslide, etc.).


Urgent deliveries of cargo up to 7 kg

  • samples and tests
  • mail, parcels and documents
  • vaccines and medicines

Data collection and processing

  • monitoring of infrastructure facilities (roads, bridges, pipelines)
  • inspection of power lines
  • geodetic surveillance
  • photo and video footage of territories and premises

Special missions

  • smoke and fire detection
  • assessment of the consequences of emergencies
  • monitoring of the radiation situation
  • ice reconnaissance
  • gas leakage detection

Security and safety

  • air inspection of guarded premises and territories


vertical takeoff and landing
Fully automatic
takeoff, en-route flight and landing
Max. Load Capacity 7 kg
Empty Helicopter Weight 18 kg
Max. Takeoff Weight 25 kg
Flight Performance
Max. Flight Time (without payload) 120 min.
Max. Airspeed 110 km/h (59 knots)
Cruise Speed 60 km/h (32 knots)
Service Ceiling 2 000 m (6 560 feet)
Width 0.6 m
Length 2.13 m
Hight 0.63 m
Rotor Diameter 2.6 m
Design Features
Modular Platform
Compact Size
Flight without GPS
Obstacle Detection and Avoidance
Safe Landing Zone Detection
Precision landing system
Customizable software
Motor Type electric
Replaceable Accumulator Batteries 2 pcs.
Nominal voltage 50.4 V
Max. Battery Power 3 kW

Development Status

ELECTRON 7 is launched into mass production and available for orders with various payload options.