November 14, 2022 | Sergey Litvinov

Successful Testing of the UAV’s SAKAVIK New Design

UVR LLC has completed a series of regular flight tests of SAKAVIK unmanned aerial vehicle, that has demonstrated the results of the year-long work on improving the product design and confirmed the correctness of the chosen strategy.

The following improvements have been introduced in the process of the UAV’s further development:

– a fundamentally new swashplate control system has been developed and applied, one of the elements of which was the use of new, more advanced, servos;

– the software has been upgraded and the autopilot operation algorithms have been improved, which has resulted in much higher flight safety.

Successful Testing of the UAV’s SAKAVIK New Design

These changes and improvements have shown a tangible effect in the operation of the product compared to the original version of the UAV that made its first flight in October 2021.

The new version of the UAV “SAKAVIK” has demonstrated increased efficiency and reliability of critical parts and components, as well as improved interaction of mechanical parts, electronics and software.

The UVR team has taken another step in promoting a highly demanded innovative product with a load capacity up to 200 kg to the market!