March 1, 2024 | Sergey Litvinov

Radio Frequency Channels Allocated to UVR LLC by the Decision of the SCRF

In February this year the State Commission on Radio Frequencies of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus decided to allocate radio frequency channels (C2) to UVR LLC in the frequency band 960 – 1020 MHz for the development, production and operation of radio-electronic equipment for the air radio navigation service.

Radio Frequency Channels Allocated to UVR LLC by the Decision of the SCRF

The decision of SCRF is the result of the successfully completed tests of the radio modem designed by UVR LLC.

The radio modem has been tested and certified for compliance of its technical characteristics with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and can now legally be used to control UAVs and transmit telemetry.

The UAV communication system consists of a compact UAV radio modem (control board size: 57x40x12 mm), a dipole antenna, a radio modem module, a ground control station and a collinear antenna designed specifically to operate at the abovementioned frequencies.

Technical characteristics of radio modem modules:

– frequency range – from 960 to 1020 MHz;

– transmitter output power – up to 2 W;

– maximum data transfer speed – up to 300 kbit/s;

– supply voltage range – from 5 V to 105 V;

– radio modem module interfaces for GCS – Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, CAN (2 pcs.), UART;

– interfaces of the compact radio modem module for UAVs – CAN (2 pcs.), UART.

Radio frequency channels in the specified frequency band provide significant advantages to the company when operating UAVs, since this range is not overloaded and allows stable communication at a distance of up to 100 km.