December 9, 2022 | Sergey Litvinov

Improving the Quality of Control of the UVR UAVs by Using Simulation Analogues

UVR LLC specialists have taken another important step in improving the safety of testing and stability of helicopter-type unmanned aerial vehicles flights – their digital counterparts have been created. The models have been developed in a fairly short time and have already passed experimental verification while compared with piloted flights of prototypes.

These models are applicable both for operating prototypes of single-rotor helicopters with a tail rotor (gross weight up to 40 and 500 kg) and for coaxial configuration (gross weight up to 3,150 kg).

The models will allow conducting preliminary tests of aerial vehicles, determining and correcting their technical and dynamic characteristics, as well as setting acceptable parameters of control systems, which together will reduce the time and costs of testing, increasing the reliability and trustworthiness of the results.

Based on this approach, UVR LLC systematically continues the process of complex multi-parameter correction and improvement of engine control algorithms, pitch, roll, heading and height of the UAVs. At the same time, there is the possibility of an objective assessment for choosing a control loop scheme (either self-developed by UVR LLC, or a corrected ARDUPILOT scheme available in the public domain).

Virtual models can be used as simulators for comprehensive training, briefing, as well as for improving the skills of controlling aircraft of acting UAV operators.

Improving the Quality of Control of the UVR UAVs by Using Simulation Analogues