September 5, 2022 | Sergey Litvinov

Development of the Central Module of the Autopilot for UAVs

UVR LLC has developed and manufactured a prototype of the central module for the autopilot for unmanned aerial vehicles. This module contains sensors for determining UAV’s position and orientation in space, as well as a microprocessor that implements the specified flight modes, control algorithms for actuators and control of flight parameters.

The central autopilot module consists of two printed circuit boards:

– a flexible-rigid board of inertial sensors (three-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes) with vibration decoupling and thermal stabilization;

– a microprocessor board with a backup inertial sensor, a three-axis magnetometer (compass) and a barometric altitude sensor.

The technical characteristics of the sensors make them suitable for use in light, medium and heavy UAVs. The software of the central autopilot module is adapted to the specific features of the UAV hardware and design.

Successful test flights of the “ELECTRON 7” UAV have been carried out under the control of the prototype of the central autopilot module.