December 5, 2023 | Sergey Litvinov

Development of Cooperation with Africa

UVR LLC was visited by a delegation of government structures of the Republic of Benin.

The guests got acquainted with the areas of research activities and experimental production of the company, and also took part in demonstration flights of the group of light UAVs “Electron 7” at “Kukhtichi” airfield.

The flights were carried out in close to extreme conditions with high humidity and low temperatures.

At the request of the guests, specialists from UVR LLC carried out a number of unplanned scenarios of operation for the team of two light UAVs used for monitoring and protecting the perimeter. Selective determination of objects coordinates, data transfer to the ground control station, correction of the flight mission, interaction between several UAVs, tracking of the selected target were carried out.  Also, the correctness of video information transmission on long distances was checked.

It should be noted that in many countries of West Africa, including Benin, there is a serious problem of providing security of various civil and industrial infrastructure facilities, and also of nature reserves and national parks that have vast territories, hard to access by ground transport.

To solve these problems UVR LLC proposes the use of a specialized system based on the “Electron 7” UAV with a set of specific payloads and a motion control sensor system.

Development of Cooperation with Africa

Also, the delegation was highly interested in the results of R&D work on the conversion of heavy piloted helicopters based on the Mi-2 prototype, capable of moving cargo with weight more than 1000 kg in conditions of high temperatures. This helicopter model is well known in African countries and has a longtime positive experience. This opens up a good chance for our company to enter the UAV market in the region.

Development of Cooperation with Africa