The unmanned aerial vehicle COMBO is a multifunctional flying chassis platform based on a Ka-26 coaxial helicopter. Different modules can be docked depending on the using conditions. Conversion of modules can be performed in the field by two or three people.

Fully autonomous flight

The first fully autonomous COMBO flight (with zero pilots) was carried out on July 1, 2019. The helicopter was launched wirelessly on a predetermined flight path. COMBO successful took off, flew and landed. On August 1, several more launches took place, during which the Ka-26 maneuvering was successfully worked out.

COMBO Technical Specifications

- Load capacity: up to 900 kg
- Empty helicopter weight: 2 072 kg
- Maximum take-off weight: up to 3 250 kg
- Width 3,64 m
- Length 7,75 m
- Height 4,05 m
- Rotor diameter 13 m
Engine & fuel
- Engine type 2 x PD M-14V-26
- Engine power 2 x 325 H (2 x 239 kW)
Aircraft Features
- Autonomous Flight
- Wireless Flight Control
- Modular Platform
- Ground control station
- Flight Without GPS
- Safe Landing Zone Detection
- Obstacle clearance
Flight performance
- Max speed 160 km/h
- Cruising speed 130 km/h
- Maximum Total Range up to 250 km
- Maximum Flight Time up to 2 hours
- Service Ceiling 3 000 m


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